Occipital Acquires Lynx Laboratories

18 November 2015 — Today, we're announcing that we have acquired Lynx Laboratories. Lynx has been at the forefront of developing mobile 3D scanning software since the launch of their Lynx A mobile 3D scanner on Kickstarter. More recently, Lynx shifted focus from building their own hardware towards building software that uses the Structure Sensor.

We're excited about Lynx Laboratories because of their strong technology, promising future roadmap with partners lined up, and a great team that’s as passionate about 3D computer vision as we are.

To date, Lynx's focus has been on using mobile 3D sensing to solve industry-specific problems. For the past two years, Lynx has done this with their proprietary Scanner+ system, which utilizes the Structure Sensor on powerful Android tablets such as the NVIDIA Shield. As a result of the acquisition, Lynx can now bring their expertise in both building industry solutions as well as Android application development with the Structure Sensor to Occipital.

In addition to industry and Android expertise, Lynx has contributed enhancements to the Structure Sensor's firmware and drivers that result in improved depth accuracy for all users of the Structure Sensor, regardless of platform or industry. Proprietary IP developed by Lynx can reduce the error of 3D sensors by up to 90%, which brings the Structure Sensor in line with professional-grade technologies like LIDAR, but at a much lower price.

As of this time, the entire Lynx team has already joined Occipital, and all Lynx technologies and intellectual property are now a part of Occipital. The Lynx team will be bringing their advanced computer vision and barbecue skills from Austin to Occipital’s Boulder office.

Welcome to Occipital, Lynx Laboratories!

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